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Dominique Derrenger is a California native and 25-year veteran of the film industry. He has produced award-winning independent documentaries, served as visual effects producer and consultant on several successful studio films, and his work has been nominated for Academy Awards in the Best Documentary and Best Visual Effects categories.

His active professional life allows him to travel throughout much of the world, and when not in the office he enjoys taking adventures off the beaten path and people watching whenever and wherever possible. He rarely leaves home without a camera and many of his featured photographs were shot on film and on the fly.

Sometimes roughly composed or imperfectly exposed, his work is less about trying to create a flawless image and more about capturing a perfect moment. His photography has an ethnographic appeal that in many ways reflects his own personal experiences and professional career, a unique mix of street savvy, sophistication, and pure storytelling.


Dominique Derrenger is based in Hollywood, California. To contact him please use the Message Portal in the next section or the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

Your thoughts and feedback are welcomed and appreciated.


All photographs are available for purchase as limited-edition 8"x12" archival quality prints.
Mounted prints are $100.
Framed prints are $200.
To place an order, or inquire about custom options, please e-mail: